Friday, March 24, 2017

Date Activity: Tandum Bike Ride + FREE Giveaway

K: We're excited to announce the launch of our free e-book resource! You may have noticed that Brandon and I have been consistently trying to post date ideas for couples (you can see our past posts here, here, and here). Today is no exception, but we also want to go ahead and give you a fabulous resource that will inspire you to try something else besides dinner and a movie. As a couple, we try to be as creative as we can and find something fun and unique to do every weekend. No matter what your relationship looks like, we are confident you'll get a date idea from this guide! Click here to grab your copy.

B: We found this heavy, yellow tandem bicycle in Katherine's parents beach house garage and decided that nothing could beat a little walk and bike ride through this beautiful beach village. Tandem bike riding is most definitely a trust building date activity. The back seat rider can do nothing but pedal and hold onto the rear handle bars, forcing them to depend fully upon the front seat rider for steering capabilities. However, the front seat rider relies heavily upon the back seat rider's balance and peddling power. This was our first tandem bike ride and a success I must proclaim! This fun trust building activity is just one of the many experiences that we try to share with one another to help strengthen the foundation of our ever growing relationship.

B: Katherine and I look far and wide for ideas to expound our dating repertoire. We prefer dating activities that are thought provocative to help us learn more about each other. This doesn't mean that we will not attempt a similar date more than once - like training with our puppy Tara (click here) - but rather change the setting of the surroundings to stimulate new sights and sounds to help express new topics of conversation and memories from childhood that can be used to gain a better grasp of each other during our youth.

My date activity preference changes pending on which phase of mind I am currently in. That means several seasons of the year I prefer fast-paced outdoor activities, while other months I would prefer to stroll through an art museum or attend a ballet (click here). Katherine has been incredibly patient with some of my date activity ideas, including her attempt at an off-shore fishing trip even though she quickly became sea-sick when she lost sight of land.  Nonetheless, Katherine and myself have numerous favorite date activities that we will continue to share with you on every Friday post!

K: Before we got married, I stressed to Brandon how important it is to make time for one another. He could not agree more and we make a conscious effort to "date" even though we are married. This simply means that we pursue each other, go out, and invent activities that are perfect for us. If bike riding isn't your thing, download our guide of 30 Dates that YOU can replicate and let us know which one is your favorite.

On Katherine: J. Crew pants, old top, similar here, Tory Burch shoes

On Brandon: J. Crew shirt, J. Crew shorts, Sperry shoes

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Beach Bag Essentials for Two

K: Although our time at the beach was short lived (and entailed a day of gloomy weather), Brandon and I were still excited to pack up a few beach essentials to make the trip enjoyable for the two of us. We've complied this post with our beach bag essentials for two, like this giant beach towel that actually fits both of you. Or this fantastic donut frisbee so that you can get active on the beach. Oftentimes, as females, we focus on our own needs within a bag, leaving our husband/boyfriend to fend for themselves. Ladies, the next time you're packing up, don't forget to add in some of his necessities (i.e. Brandon is known for getting "hangry" and requires snacks regularly). What does your significant other require for the beach?

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

Monday, March 20, 2017

Misty Morning Beach Walk

K: Brandon and I are the epitome of early risers. Our weekend at Port Aransas beach was no exception and we were on the beach before 8 AM. Unfortunately, the weather was not on our side during our stay, with perpetual gray skies and misty mornings. Nevertheless, we made the most of our time together and insisted on daily beach walks and trips to town. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

West Texas Weekend: Camping Date

B: Big Bend National Park is the fourteenth largest park in the United States, encompassing 801,163 acres. Driving through this geologic wonderland, we experienced stark elevation changes from flatland prairies to steep volcanic cliffs. The Chios Basin Campground is actually located in the center of an extinct volcano deep in the heart of the park. Hiking trails of all experience levels and distances branch outwards, making it the center of many park activities. For those that do not wish to camp in a tent or RV, the Chisos Mountains Lodge is a few short minutes away by car; but for those who enjoy the comfort of sleeping within a tent shell, endless fun with friends and family awaits.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

West Texas Weekend: Big Bend Hike

K: After our first night of camping with friends, Brandon and I set out for a hike on the Santa Elena trail. In my opinion, this is the most scenic trail in all of Big Bend. We went last year and I knew that we'd have to take our friends this time around so that they could enjoy the jaw-dropping views of this slot canyon. It's a fairly short hike (about an hour and a half) and it did not disappoint the second time around.